Available in size 12, this shoe is sold as a very slight seconds quality but is of good construction. Unworn and boxed. The item may have marks, or very small manufacturing defects.

Originally would've sold for around £470 so these represent excellent value for money.

Although calf rejects, there's just very minor marks on the toe cap which aren't noticeable without a close look and can be perfected with some polish. The left shoe also has very minor marbling on the back compared to the right shoe, but barely noticeable and will polish out over time. The shoes are otherwise identical, they might appear to be slightly different in colour due to a trick of the light.

Was £375 now £149.

Barker Loafer Toe Cap Style Atholi Brown Calf Ostrich Mens Shoes (12)

  • £470.00
  • £149.00

  • Ex Tax: £124.17


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